Students eligible for Admission (B.A General)

  • Students from the following MERIT LIST are eligible to get ADMISSION by paying ADMISSION FEE (check fee structure) through online means.
  • Admission is subject to Availability of Seats and is treated on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.
  • Admission process will be complete after physical verification of the document.
  • Name in Merit List does not guarantee admission.
  • Admission is considered as confirmed after the following:
    • Payment of admission fees.
    • Physical verification of documents maintaining scheduled date & time can ensure admission.
  • Admission will be cancelled in case of any discrepancy in information submitted in the online form & the original documents.
  • Admission Procedure:
    • Go to Online Admission Portal on and log in with your Username and Password. Click on the “Pay Admission Fees” link, below your application.
    • Make Online payment using credit / debit card or any other mode. Take print out of the receipt and retain it safely.
    • Date of Physical Verification of Documents: Will be notified later on the website.
  • If your name is not in the following list then Click here to view the complete list of valid applicants.
The Lists below contains the names of New Applicants only.
Admission is subject to availability of seats and is treated on a first come first serve basis.

Payment of Admission Fees (FOR NEW APPLICATIONS)

Payment portal will be open from 23rd September 2:00 P.M - 25th September 11:00 P.M

B.A General

General Category

RankUnique IDStudent's NameMerit Marks
1MKC/2022/BAG/00652Saheli Dey82.3
2MKC/2022/BAG/00641GARGI MITRA80
5MKC/2022/BAG/00636NIKITA MANDAL76.8
6MKC/2022/BAG/00643AISHI MONDAL76.3
7MKC/2022/BAG/00624SUMANA DEY75.8
8MKC/2022/BAG/00628AISWARYA PAUL75.5
9MKC/2022/BAG/00625Ayushi Singh74.8
10MKC/2022/BAG/00645Diya Banik72
11MKC/2022/BAG/00627MONITA DAS69.8
12MKC/2022/BAG/00657Ishrat bano69
13MKC/2022/BAG/00654Swata Kundu66.8
14MKC/2022/BAG/00617Shrestha Sengupta66
15MKC/2022/BAG/00658Nishi gupta65
17MKC/2022/BAG/00634SAMRIDDHI SHAH63.8
18MKC/2022/BAG/00647AISHI DASS63.3
19MKC/2022/BAG/00637PRIYA RAJAK62.8
20MKC/2022/BAG/00655Adrika Banerjee60.8
21MKC/2022/BAG/00656Soniya Chowdhury59.8
22MKC/2022/BAG/00616Khushi Banerjee58.8
23MKC/2022/BAG/00644Sneha Roy58.5
24MKC/2022/BAG/00659RIYA MAJHI58
25MKC/2022/BAG/00649Sathi Mondal58
26MKC/2022/BAG/00648Riya Sarkar56
27MKC/2022/BAG/00619Sonali Kumari Shaw55
28MKC/2022/BAG/00623DEEPA SHAW54.3
29MKC/2022/BAG/00640SMRITI SHAW53.5
30MKC/2022/BAG/00622RESHMI NASKAR53.5
31MKC/2022/BAG/00653M Nandani53.3
32MKC/2022/BAG/00646Swastika Kashyap53
33MKC/2022/BAG/00642Puja shaw51.8
34MKC/2022/BAG/00626Konkona Basak50.8
35MKC/2022/BAG/00632ARYA KUMARI50

B.A General

OBC-A Category

RankUnique IDStudent's NameMerit Marks
1MKC/2022/BAG/00337SAHABA SALIM60.5

B.A General

OBC-B Category

RankUnique IDStudent's NameMerit Marks

B.A General

SC Category

RankUnique IDStudent's NameMerit Marks
1MKC/2022/BAGR/00030Shayoni Ghorai74
2MKC/2022/BAGR/00031Iman Talukdar61

B.A General

ST Category

RankUnique IDStudent's NameMerit Marks
1MKC/2022/BAGR/00023PRITI TUDU74.5
2MKC/2022/BAGR/00019SUKANYA GOND71.75
3MKC/2021/BAGR/00112Mousumi Mahato63.5
4MKC/2021/BAGR/00121SAKSHI SHAW59.75
6MKC/2022/BAGR/00028GUNGUN SINGH49.75