1st Semester CCF Tuition & Exam Fees (Concession)

Read all the Important Information at the end of the page.

Candidate Details

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Enter the Tuition fees for your 1st Semester.
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Important Information

Candidates are to Pay the following fees.

  1. Tuition Fees. (5 Months)
  2. Laboratory Fees. (If Applicable)
  3. C.U Examination Fees.

Candidates are required to go to CUEXAM.NET and fill up the examination form.

The exam form will mention the amount that you will have to pay the college.

Enter the amount mentioned in your examination form and pay the Fees.

The receipt will be available for DOWNLOAD in the NEXT PAGE and a copy of the receipt will be sent to YOUR EMAIL ID.

Submit a COPY of the Receipt at the College Office.

The College WILL NOT REFUND any incorrect payment.